New Arrivals to Eckland Lodge

You will have seen during the summer that there were a number of new arrivals to Eckland Farming Estate in the Front of House field. Pedigree Lincoln Red cattle are a traditional breed first recorded about 300 years ago. We currently have 30 Pedigree Lincoln Red suckler cows and 1 Pedigree Lincoln Red bull called Ultimatum or 'Boris the Bull' for short!

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High Speed Internet

BT Openreach has completed work on the installation of fibre optic cable which is connected to a distribution cabinet situated at Eckland Lodge Business Park. Tenants now have the opportunity to purchase superfast broadband services from their chosen supplier.

Security Bollards

Access to Eckland Lodge Business Park ‘out of hours’ will be through a mobile telephone registration service. This service will allow registered users to call a number from their mobile telephone on entering the site and once the system recognises the number it will automatically disconnect the call (with no charge to the user) and lower the bollards to permit entry to the site.

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