Eckland Lodge is Going Green

How are we doing this?


Recycling is now something of a necessity for businesses across Britain. Reducing the levels of waste we produce is an important part of working to protect the environment in the long term. Eckland Lodge Business Park recognises its environmental responsibility and is committed to recycling its waste and provides recycling bins for paper, cardboard, plastics and glass. Recycling helps to conserve natural resources, reduce levels of pollution and tackle some of the root causes of global warming.


Many of our tenants have staff who cycle, walk or car share, cutting the cost of their journey and fuel emissions. A sandwich van attends site in the morning where breakfast, lunch and snacks can be purchased without leaving the site. 


Solar parks are the large-scale application of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to generate green, clean electricity at scale, usually to feed into the National Grid. Solar farms are usually developed in rural areas.

The sun casts as much energy onto the Earth in 20 minutes as the entire world population consumes in one year. The best way to use this energy sensibly is a mix of renewable energies, with solar photovoltaics playing an important role. This technology transforms sunlight into electricity – without damaging the environment; producing waste or having a negative effect on human health. The sun offers us the means to halt climate change and the consumption of resources.

Eckland Lodge runs a 3MW Solar Park onsite. The Park is now fully operational, but it is completely separate to the Business Park and does not affect the views or operation of any businesses on site.


LED & LG7 lighting will be fitted as standard into the new office development, offering an estimated energy efficiency of 80% with outstanding operational life time expectation. LED lights are free of toxic chemicals producing little infrared light and close to no UV emissions.


Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) are being installed into the new office development. They represent the most efficient alternative to fuel, oil and electric systems in respect of heating and cooling. An ASHP is a refrigeration based system which takes low grade heat from the air and raises its temperature for space heating and hot water. Heat pumps provide cooling in summer, as well as heating in winter.